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    To uncover which of the 5 Bodies of Health are underlying your eating issues so you can take effective and empowered action to change.

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    "Future medicine will be the medicine of frequencies"

    An essential component of healing and well-being is uncovering, processing and resolving the underlying energetic & emotional roots that influence your thoughts, feelings and behaviors.  

    - Albert Einstein

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    I know that it IS possible to improve one's current state, no matter how bad it feels, because I've been there! I suffered from bulimia for over five years. Through my recovery journey, I discovered what I believe to be a key aspect to healing and optimal wellness- energy work! I now support empathic women with a variety of alternative healing art modalities that address the energetic impact of beliefs and emotions on physical, mental and emotional well-being. 

    I vowed to heal myself and end my eating issues so I could help other women do the same. 

    Hey there, my name
         is Sarah Emily. 

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    "The food tapping was HUGE for me."

    The food tapping was HUGE for me. Learning how to identify the good feelings we are receiving from that food (this realization alone—that food has emotions attached to it was major) and how to absorb those feelings and put it into someone or something else. I tapped on In-N-Out french fries. I was eating these at least twice a week. After the tapping I went to eat them and imagined them without all the emotion I was putting into it and they tasted so bland and boring to me! I couldn't even finish them! I have not eaten In-N-Out fries since them. Truly blown away!


    "SO thankful for how you've helped guide me to better love myself."

    I'm excited to really commit to this relationship with me, a covenant bond for life. SO thankful for how you've helped guide me to better love myself. And thankful for the big breakthroughs that I feel like were made today. 


    "You have helped me more than any words could ever express."

    I was mind blown and heart blown to realize there is a natural way of eating. It's 100% possible. It's been 2 months for me and without exaggerating it has been life changing. I don't feel the urge to finish my plate any more. Now I feel empowered to choose if I want to have food. My confidence is coming through. If you want to feel good, getting at the root is where it starts.


    "My experience with Sarah was amazing."

    My experience with Sarah was amazing. I've never been in touch with my emotions and always blocked them because I thought they made me stronger. I was wrong. With Sarah I learned to recognize what triggers my emotions. I'm still learning a lot about myself, but she helped with my first step. That first step was recognizing I need assistance getting into those emotions and thoughts. I'm grateful for her and her knowledge!

    Natalia C.

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    If you are brand new to EFT and want to learn how to perform the basic tapping process to easily and effectively process your emotions, then this bundle is for you!

    This intro course is designed to teach you what EFT is and how to perform the basic sequence. It includes easy guides and recorded audios to follow along with to help process a variety of emotions, including stress, fear/worry, guilt/shame, anger and sadness. 

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    If you’re a parent who has struggled with eating, you likely deeply desire to protect your children from suffering with food, eating and their body similar to how you have.

    Get the information and tools to empower your children to learn how to build self awareness, body awareness and emotional awareness, so they are less vulnerable to develop disordered eating tendencies or struggle with food and weight issues over the course of their lives. 

    A conscious online parenting course designed to empower you to empower your children!

    Raising an Empowered Eater


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    Sarah Emily currently has a waitlist for 1:1 clients; the wait is approximately 6-12 months. If you would like to work with her once availability in her schedule opens up, fill out the form linked below. She will be in touch when an opening becomes available. 

    You don't have too! Sarah Emily understands that when you're presently sufferings with eating issues, you don't want to wait a year to receive help. That's why she's created her group mentorship and inner work program— Innergize Your Life—that you can join NOW to get started learning from Sarah, receiving group support, and experience live coaching and inner work practices with Sarah Emily starting as soon as next week. 

    Listen to Sarah on these podcasts:

    Listen to Sarah on these podcasts:

    Listen to Sarah on these podcasts:

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