Watch this FREE video training to help you uncover what's underlying your struggle with food and eating, so you can do the inner work to improve them.


Discover what's underlying 
your eating issues 

    The theory of emotional eating and how it applies to you.

    Which of the 5 Bodies of Health you need to focus on most for your inner-work journey to heal the root of your eating issues.

    How emotional wounds and subconscious beliefs can drive food cravings and overeating habits. 

    What your soul and energy hygiene have to do with your eating. 

    How to do the inner work to address each of your bodies of health, take your power back from food & end out-of-control eating - it's entirely possible for you!

    In this FREE video training, you'll learn...

    About your teacher- Sarah Emily

    Hey there! I'm Sarah Emily Speers, a trained psychotherapist, energy healer and Empowered Eating coach who is on a mission to support as many souls as possible to do the inner work to take their power back from food, improve eating issues and experience a newfound sense of well-being and inner peace. If I can do it, then so can you.

    My own struggle recovering from bulimia inspired my soul-mission to help others find relief from their suffering with eating issues. I went on to become a trained eating disorder therapist who ran an intensive treatment for binge eating disorder before starting my own business. Over 10 years, I have worked with thousands of people to support them in addressing the psychological, emotional, energetic and spiritual components of their relationship with food, eating, their bodies and themselves.

    I'm glad you're here and hope you really absorb all I share in this training- it's a lot of valuable information I wish I could go back and share with my younger self.

    Fortunately, I get to share it with you.  

    You CAN get from where you are — stuck, frustrated, unwell, self-critical, out of control eater— to where you want to be — empowered, peaceful, happy, calm and free.

    Once you understand what's going on in your inner world, you can take empowered action to change it.

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