I help you address the energy of your thoughts, feelings and body so you can expand your frequency and attract more soul-mate clients, greater abundance and dream opportunities. The work we do will be customized to you, depending on what issues are present. After the initial consult, if you're a good fit for my process and approach, then we will create a comprehensive roadmap for our work together.

1:1 Energetic Support
    For Entrepreneurs

Let's Face it, running your own business and serving others is exhausting. Maintaining your own energY Is essential to match the frequency of your vision, better serve your clients and have mega-impact.

Areas commonly explored in 1:1 work include:

What I Can Help With

+ Releasing energies you have absorbed from others
+ Managing any emotional overwhelm
+ Processing of emotional wounds (physical, sexual, emotional) 
+ Cognitive restructuring and improving limiting beliefs
+ Inner child & re-parenting process for greater self love
+ Repairing soul holes and heart walls
+ Clearing trapped, inherited & absorbed emotional energies that may be unknowingly causing you distress
+ Rebalancing your energy system 

Energy modalities Available:

1. Emotional Freedom Technique AKA "Tapping"
EFT seeks to address imbalances within a person's energy system, as well as the energetic influence of thoughts, beliefs and emotions on the body.

2. The Emotion Code
This energy healing technique accesses the body's innate wisdom to uncover and release trapped emotional energies that contribute to mental, emotional and physical issues.

3. Reiki
Reiki uses guided life force energy to help reduce stress, promote peace and balance the body's energy system. 

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6 mo|12 calls (1HR) |$550/MO or $3300 PIF

This is for you if you're looking for 1-on-1 support to address the specific emotional and energetic challenges you may face as an entrepreneur when starting and running your own business.

Amy P.

Working with Sarah was incredibly supportive while I was navigating some huge changes in my business and in my personal life. Every healing session helped me to access fears and limiting beliefs that I didn't consciously know were holding me back. Sarah helped me to clear so many emotions and release energy that wasn't serving me. I know that I was able to move through my breakup and through the challenges in my business so much faster because I had Sarah on my team to support me. We also worked on releasing unhealthy patterns with food and emotional eating. I am still so blown away by her ability to hold space for such deep emotional processing and how quickly we were able to clear the energy in every session. I feel like every business owner would benefit from having Sarah on their team.

"I feel like every business owner would benefit from having Sarah on their team."

Natalia C.

My experience with Sarah was amazing. I've never been in touch with my emotions and always blocked them because I thought they made me stronger. I was wrong. With Sarah I learned to recognize what triggers my emotions. I'm still learning a lot about myself, but she helped with my first step. That first step was recognizing I need assistance getting into those emotions and thoughts. I'm grateful for her and her knowledge!

"My experience with Sarah was amazing."

Samantha G.

I love working with you! You are so knowledgeable and have such a wide variety of skills to share in order to help your clients and customize their sessions. I would HIGHLY recommend you to any and everyone that is committed to changing their lives. 

"I love working with you!"


Thank you for your work! No candy or brownies, not even tempted. I smelled candy in the office and felt repelled. It was amazing. It's freaky how this works. I am so grateful. Zero overindulging at all.

"It's freaky how this works."


I appreciate you so much! You have had such a positive impact on my life, and I am continuing to reflect on what we have discussed and implement changes in my life.

"You have had such a positive impact on my life!"


My life is going in a new direction, thank to you. You opened my heart and mind. I feel free and able to express myself honestly. I'm able to say "no" without feeling guilty. I am so happy with my new found self.

"My life is going in a new direction, thanks to you."

Alexandra, Mental Health Coach

Sarah creates forward movement when other more traditional avenues have failed or gone as far as they can. Her work accesses visceral pieces often missed by traditional approaches alone, that need to be cleared in order to find success.

"Sarah creates forward movement when other more traditional avenues have failed."


I feel a deep sense of acceptance towards myself. I feel I have the tools, techniques and willpower to self-heal anytime I need.

"I feel a deep sense of acceptance towards myself."

My 3-Part Process

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Sarah currently has a waitlist for 1:1 clients. If you would like to work with her once availability in her schedule opens up, fill out the form linked below to learn a bit more about her process and give her an idea of the area you are looking to focus on in your work with her. She will be in touch as soon as an opening becomes available!

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