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Do the inner work to improve your eating issues, take your power back from food & reignite your soul.

Innergize Your Life


Are you tired of feeling out of control around food?

I'm here to teach you how to...

Stop out-of-control eating

Break free of diet culture brainwashing

Improve your emotional eating habits

Address the underlying root issues

Process your emotions without food 

Nourish your body & soul from a place of love

Feel like a normal eater again

This program is meant for you if you...

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- Katie

"I know they say only you can heal yourself, but you are the guiding light out of the darkness that can show people how to truly heal. My family and I will be grateful for you till the end of time for howyou changed my life."

- Ashley

"Last night I got upset emotionally, and instead of turning to food for comfort I sat in darkness by myself and breathed deeply and tapped to get to the root of my sadness until the urges disappeared and I was calm again. I never would have gotten here without you all and your support. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

- Lauren

"Being someone who has a lot of anxiety, I generally notice a feeling of calm and peace that comes over me in using these techniques." 

Your issues with food are about more than food.

The answer to your eating issues is NOT to go on another diet, try and control your food more, or criticize yourself to change.

The real solution lies within—through uncovering and addressing the underlying mental, emotional, energetic & soul roots of your inner world. 

I have helped hundreds of women to stop overeating 
and improve their relationship with food.

In this program, I teach you how to do the same so you too can feel like a normal eater. 

This program IS for you if:

But it's NOT for you if you're looking for:

There are plenty of programs in the fitness and diet industry that claim to do this. 

This is NOT one of them. 

The reality is that the path to making peace with food requires making peace with yourself.

Being self-critical and hard on yourself hasn't worked. Rather, you get to learn how to love yourself back to health and happiness.

You are a unique being with a unique body, DNA, life history and traumas. Your healing journey is unique to YOU. That's why I equip you with the information and tools to enable you to customize your process according to your special Body of Health Blueprint.

You're likely stuck in unhelpful patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving that stem from your subconscious programming and activation of emotional wounds that developed from difficult childhood and life experiences.
You will improve these to work for you, not against you. 

This means you learn how to take your power back from food, diet culture and societal programming that has brainwashed your food beliefs and false self-image.

You get to become the ultimate authority of YOU and your body, learning how to meet your needs and nourish yourself in loving ways.

Learn how to be an empowered eater

You'll learn and experience a variety of self-care and self-healing processes that can be helpful on your journey, including: 

- Emotional Freedom Technique
- Reiki Energy Healing
- Meditation & Breathwork
- Emotion Code Energy Clearing

You can't address the root issue until you have awareness of what's going on internally that is driving your eating behaviors.

In this program you will learn and understand the psychology of what is underlying your struggles with food, eating and your body. 

Gain valuable

In this program you will...

Improve Your eating, thinking & feeling patterns

take a holistic approach to address your unique bodies of health

Begin to love and accept yourself more

experience new Processes to Heal

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Abbey gibb

"You've truly changed my life! Before your sessions I was hurting so deeply, and in just TWO MONTHS...I not only stopped spitting up my food...I healed the very impulse and pain where it all began. How can I begin to thank you?!? Anyone that's looking for deeper healing and help from food issues, Sarah. Is. It. Period."

Group Program Participant

"I really looked forward to seeing Sarah and the class she puts together, and receiving the materials...there's just so much she offers within the program. I was blown away!"


"It has been invigorating and inspiring to reconnect with myself, my spirit and higher power. I loved having so many useful tools at my disposal and felt loved and protected by the group."

26 video lessons, each covering a specific topic and process to focus on for that week.

Weekly rituals, worksheets, activities and journal prompts to integrate the material into your daily life. 

5+ guided meditations to quiet your mind, feel more inner peace and expand your awareness.

20+ guided tapping processes to help you clear repressed emotional energies, change limiting subconscious beliefs and harmonize your energy body. 

4 monthly experiential calls where we connect, share and do the inner work together

Here's what you get inside Innergize Your Life

Participate In Live Monthly Calls!

Each month there are 3-4 live calls with one week off for you to focus on integrating your new skills and practices into your daily life. These experiential Innergize calls include a mix of the following:

Guided inner work processes

A vital part of this program is the community aspect. It enables you to realize you're not alone, experience co-regulation, release the shame and secrecy that has kept you stuck, and share your voice and story. You get to experience repair and co-regulation in safe connection with like-hearted women.

Soul Support & Connection

Group Mentorship & Coaching

Get coached directly by Sarah. Come ready with your questions so you can receive mentorship and guidance according to your unique struggles and needs. 

Experiential Guest Teachers

Experience a variety of healing practices taught by guest teachers, including yoga nidra, breathwork, embodied movement, emotion code and more! Sample a variety of processes so you can determine what works best for you. 

You'll be guided through a variety of energy work processes, including tapping, reiki and emotional processing strategies that are designed to help you address the underlying root issues driving your eating behaviors.

And as a BONUS you'll receive...

A physical copy of the
Innergize Your Life
 course workbook!

No need to print anything yourself—we'll mail you your own physical copy with over 90 pages of course material:

        Journal prompts
        Goal setting worksheets
        Weekly rituals
        And more!

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"I've felt so empowered throughout these weeks. All of the tools and knowledge you've shared have made such an impact already. One of the best decisions I've made for myself BY FAR.


"I feel liberated and no longer wake up in the prison I put myself in for being overweight. Instead, I am now able to accept where my body is at this moment and lovingly embrace the process."


"I am so much more mindful of my eating. I am NOT on autopilot anymore. I have been able to successfully change my prior thinking of food as 'good' or 'bad.' Now it is all about how this food will make me feel."

Module One: The Physical Body

Your eating choices affect how your brain operates and what messages it sends about food and eating. Urges to overeat and food cravings are often learned patterns of behavior that have become automatic.

You'll learn how to work with your brain to...

Module Two: The Mental Body

Your thoughts directly affect how you think, feel and behave. Unhelpful automated thinking patterns, your inner critic and subconscious beliefs can perpetuate eating issues. 

You'll learn how to master you mind by...

Module Three: The Emotional Body

You are an emotional being whose brain has learned to respond to inner discomfort and emotions by eating to self-sooth and cope with these emotions, including repressed emotional wounds accumulated over your lifetime that can get triggered in the present.

You'll process your underlying emotions by...

Module Four: The Energetic Body

You are an energetic, empathic being who is vulnerable to taking on other's emotions, thereby contributing to energy imbalances, emotional overwhelm and inner discomfort that can lead to urges to overeat to sooth.  

In this module, you will support your energy body by...

Module Five: The Soul Body

You are a soul in a body, but you have become disconnected from your purpose, your intuition, and a higher power. When you are out of alignment with yourself, you may turn to food to fill your soul holes and voids.

It's time to reconnect to your soul & divine power by...

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I think of myself, this program and my team as your travel mentors joining you on a journey of a lifetime into your inner world where we'll support you in navigating: 

Let me give you the map to your inner world...

shadow work and emotional wound processing
regulating your dysregulated nervous system
activating your throat chakra
reparenting your inner child
forgiving yourself and others 
experiencing a spectrum of healing modalities
repairing broken self trust
connecting to your inner power and sovereignty

Are you willing to take complete responsibility for your healing, happiness and well-being?

If you are shouting 'Yes!' internally (or heck, even out loud) and your body is expanding right now with those warm and fuzzy tingles, then it's likely no coincidence you're here and have found this program.

Your soul will know if this is meant for you. Your higher self will let you know if this is aligned and right for you. Honor that feeling,  it's your divine feminine wisdom guiding you towards your highest good.

Are you ready to take the courageous leap and answer the call?!

And we can take the journey together

Group program & retreat participant

"I can't believe after 5 excruciating years of bulimia, I can say I'm in recovery! There was absolutely no room left for bulimia once my heart was filled with self love, self forgiveness and self acceptance; like water on a flame, the love I found for myself extinguished the fire of disordered eating. Thank you so much for everything. I know with every part of my being that I would never have been able to do this without you."

Amy Natalie

"I am still blown away by Sarah's ability to hold space for such deep emotional processing and how quickly we were able to clear the energy in every session. I feel like every woman would benefit from having Sarah on their team."

Brie Schildgen

"I'm just so grateful I've found you. I never thought I would believe any of the reiki or tapping- it's just not what I'm used too. Now I can say that it's well worth the time, the money and the hard work. My food mindset has shifted and a weight has been lifted. "

You are worthy & deserving of feeling good!

Your purpose on Earth is not to perfectly control your eating in order to control your body in order to feel worthy and deserving of love. 

You're here to experience well-being and joy while sharing your light, love and gifts with others (including yourself). It's time to take your power back from food and experience empowered eating, living and being!

take a holistic approach to address your unique bodies of health

take a holistic approach to address your unique bodies of health

(NOW, not later)


monthly investment of


Partial scholarships are available to those who demonstrate both financial need and a commitment to this work.
I believe that all beings deserve an equal access to heal, including marginalized communities. You can indicate you desire to apply for scholarship spots on the application. 

One-Time Investment of

Ready to change your relationship with food so you can become who you've always wanted to be ?

Join me inside Innergize Your Life.

Frequently Asked Questions

When are the live weekly calls? Am I obligated to attend them all?

Frequently Asked Questions

When are the live weekly calls? Am I obligated to attend them all?

Currently, the weekly calls are scheduled for Tuesdays at 5pm PST/8pm EST and are 75 minutes long. These days and times may change or evolve as the program does. Bonus calls are also periodically scheduled on weekends. We ask that you commit to attending a minimum of 2 live calls per month (ideally all), so that you and the group can benefit fully from your participation. 

What if I can't attend the calls live?

What if I can't attend the calls live?

We aim to accommodate as many of you as possible across multiple countries and time zones, and understand that lives are busy with work and childcare. If you cannot attend the live calls, you can catch the replays which are available in the program library for up to 6 months. 

What if the program doesn't work for me? Can I get a refund?

What if the program doesn't work for me? Can I get a refund?

We're confident that if you commit to the program, commit to yourself, and do the work as outlined, that you will benefit and grow over the course of six months. It's also important to acknowledge your expectations coming into the program, because we can in no way guarantee that you will be 100% "healed" and "fixed" and "better" (we don't believe you're broken in the first place) in six months' time. Honestly, any healing program that claims they can guarantee that should be a flag. The reality is that you've likely been struggling with your food/eating issues for years, if not your entire life, and so the process of improving your habits, mindset, emotions and energy is likely going to be one that occurs over years. Our aim is to give you the information, processes, support and container to begin this process for yourself, knowing you are not alone, and for you to feel empowered after the six months to know the path forward on your healing journey (rather than spinning your wheels on the diet cycle getting no where).

With that said, we are not in the business of taking advantage of you. And so, if at the end of the program you can wholeheartedly and honestly say that you committed to and participated in the program fully, watched every video, completed every activity, attended the live calls and still cannot identify any way that you benefited, then we will consider offering you a refund according to what we discuss is fair given your experience. 

I'm nervous about investing so much in myself. Why is it this cost?

I'm nervous about investing so much in myself. Why is it this cost?

It's completely normal being nervous making this investment in yourself, especially if you don't typically invest in YOU. Take a few deep breaths, acknowledge the part of you that's experiencing fear, and then connect with the part of you that led you here — to this program at this time in your life — and that experienced a body or soul resonance with this program.

This program cost reflects the 10+ years of professional and personal experience that Sarah Emily has accumulated understanding and navigating the complex world of the psychology of food and eating. She has invested over $100k in obtaining a masters degree as a marriage and family therapist, as well as training in Emotional Freedom Techniques, Emotion Code and Reiki Healings, and other continuing education opportunities to become trauma informed and skilled in a variety of mindfulness-based and energy-healing techniques.

This program affords you the opportunity to learning in six months what she's learned over 10+ years at a fraction of the cost.

And, we know that even still not everyone can afford to make this investment during these financially challenging times. We want to make this inner work container accessible to all, which is why we do offer a partial scholarship option to those who are fully committed and aligned to this work. 

I'm busy! How much of a TIME investment will be required?

I'm busy! How much of a TIME investment will be required?

This is YOUR journey, and so you get to decide how much time you desire to put towards this according to what is realistic given the business of your life. I do encourage you to prioritize this work and make time for it, because it's important to you (not because I say so). My recommendation is that you plan to allocate a minimum of 2-3 hours per week towards this program, including attending the weekly call, completing the modules and activities, and practicing the tools included. You could reserve a chunk of time each week to dedicate to this work, such as taking some you time every Sunday morning. Or, alternatively, you could dedicate just 20-30 minutes each day, such as at the start or end of your day, to work on just one piece. 

Do I have lifetime access to the program materials?

Do I have lifetime access to the program materials?

Sort of. I'm always hesitant to guarantee LIFETIME access because none of us know how long our lives will be. What I do know is that as long as I am living and running my business, you will have access to the program content. And if I come to a place where it's time for me to transition away from my business, you will be notified and given the opportunity to save whatever content you desire to keep. 


"I am blessed to have met you! You have helped me more than any words could ever express! My life has changed for the better due to your insightful coaching. I have a grip right now on my eating, even though I am still going through a rough time with the technology I must learn. No binges, very little overeating, and no drinking as of late."


"It has been so amazing working with you this year and trying new things. This has been such an awesome transformation for me, and I can't wait to continue peeling back the layers of the true me and discovering my true purpose in life."


"I was mind blown and heart blown to realize there is a natural way of eating. It's 100% possible. It's been 2 months for me and without exaggerating it has been life changing. I don't feel the urge to finish my plate any more. Now I feel empowered to choose if I want to have food. My confidence is coming through. If you want to feel good, getting at the root is where it starts."

Incredible things happen when you join a container for self-growth

take a holistic approach to address your unique bodies of health

take a holistic approach to address your unique bodies of health

Share your story to shed the shame that has kept you suffering in secrecy.

Heal through connection with other like-hearted humans who can relate.

Receive attuned care to repair emotional wounds formed in relationship.

Experience co-regulation to replace your pattern of self-regulation with food to sooth. 


monthly investment of


Partial scholarships are available to those who demonstrate both financial need and a commitment to this work.

One-Time Investment of

Ready to change your relationship with food so you can be who you've always wanted to be ?

Join me inside Innergize Your Life.

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