Trainings & Guides

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Masterclass Training

Discover What Is Underlying Your Eating Issues

Watch this masterclass replay to discover what's underlying your eating issues and learn the steps to heal your relationship with food.


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Tapping Bundle

Tapping for Emotional Wellness

With this tapping bundle, get an overview of Emotional Freedom Technique (aka Tapping) and how to practice it to release any unpleasant emotion in a healthy and efficient way. Perfect for beginners!



Parenting Course

Raising An Empowered Eater

This conscious parenting course is designed to empower parents with the information and tools to empower their children to build self-, body, and emotional awareness so the are less likely to develop disordered eating tendencies or struggle with food and weight issues throughout their lives. 

Self-Guided Courses


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Online Course

Inner Work For Eating Issues

This comprehensive course offers video trainings, guided inner work practices, and curriculum about each of the 5 Bodies of Health that are underlying your eating issues. You'll gain awareness about the physical, mental, emotional, energetic and soul factors causing you to have food cravings and emotionally overeat, and learn practices to change these patterns for good.


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