Discover What Is Underlying Your Eating Issues

This masterclass will teach you which of the 5 Bodies of Health are underlying your eating issues and reveal the path to doing the inner work to heal your relationship with food.

Masterclass Training

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I've been there, and I know how frustrating it is.

If you're like I was, it probably looks something like this...

You've tried every diet, counted calories, used tracking apps—everything out there to strengthen your willpower and control your urges around food.

Except even after all that you've tried, the urges are stronger than ever. Food is constantly on your mind, and often without meaning to, you end up overeating or binging, feeling totally out of control and leading down a spiral of shame and guilt afterward.

You no longer feel like yourself anymore, and you don't know how to get back to a place of peace where you can actually enjoy life.

But the thought of another diet has you ready to scream...

So, you struggle with food and eating?

Diet culture has us believing that our eating struggles are just a matter of self-control.

But your issues with food are about MORE THAN FOOD.

They're not something another diet can fix.

They're not a matter of more self-control.

And they're not something continuing to criticize yourself with change.

The real solution lies within—through uncovering the underlying factors that may be influencing your struggle with food, eating and your body

so you can do the inner work to address them.

For good.

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What's Included

Lesson Guide Handout

Roadmap to healing PDF

In this 75-minute class, I empower you with comprehensive knowledge about which of the 5 Bodies of Health may be underlying your current struggle with food and eating.

This notetaking guide is available for you to fill in as you watch the training to help you to get the most out of the material we’ll be diving into—there’s a lot you’re gonna want to write down!

This handout covers the areas and practices to start your healing journey with for each of the 5 Bodies of Health.

  • The theory of emotional eating and how it applies to you.
  • The 5 Bodies of Health and how to recognize which areas you need to focus on most for your inner-work journey.
  • What specific emotional wounds and subconscious beliefs may be underlying your ongoing struggle with food and eating.
  • All about the Empowered Eating Process.
  • My approach to helping you take your power back from food, become an empowered eater, and do the inner work to energize your soul spark again.

In this 75-minute class, I empower you with comprehensive knowledge about which of the 5 Bodies of Health may be underlying your current struggle with food and eating.

This class is a compilation of everything I’ve learned over the past 10 years of my personal and professional journey understanding the psychology of eating and the world of inner healing.


Join me to learn...

Once you understand what's going on in your inner world, you can take empowered action to change it.

So if you sound like this...

"I manage to be 'good' for a few days, but then I always end up binging again."

"I waste so much mental energy thinking about food and eating. It's exhausting."

"The idea of 'intuitive eating' seems impossible because I don't trust my body or self." 

"I want to be able to enjoy my favorite food again without the guilt and fear."

"I can't control my food cravings, no matter how hard I try." 

Then it's time to watch this class...

Masterclass Training

Discover What Is Underlying Your Eating Issues

+ Learn the road map to healing