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The H.E.R. Program 

For Freedom from food, eating & body issues

Healing, Expansion & Radiance

This program is meant for you if...

Your Issues With Food Are About More Than Food.

The answer to your eating issues is NOT to go on another diet or try and control your food more. The real solution lies within—through uncovering, processing and healing the underlying energetic & emotional roots. 

Live a healthier more harmonious life aligned with your truest self and hearts desires.  


Break unhealthy habits that no longer serve you and reprogram your mind neurologically so that you don't need willpower to resist urges and cravings.


Become an empowered eater in tune with your body's needs who is able to enjoy eating all foods without guilt. 


Experience greater food freedom and peace of mind so you can feel like a normal eater, no longer feeling like food controls your thoughts and life.

benefit #3

Gain greater self awareness, acceptance and compassion, learning to love yourself back to health and happiness. 

benefit #2

Understand the psychology of what is underlying your struggles with food, eating and your body. 

Benefit #1

By the end of this program you will:


"You've truly changed my life! Before your session I was hurting so deeply, and in just TWO MONTHS of sessions...I not only stopped spitting up my food...I healed the very impulse and pain where it all began. How can I begin to thank you?!? Anyone that's looking for deeper healing and help from food issues, Sarah. Is. It. Period."

HER Program Participant

"I really looked forward to seeing Sarah and the class she puts together, and receiving the materials...there's just so much she offers within the program. I was blown away!"

HER PROGRAm participant

"It has been invigorating and inspiring to reconnect with myself, my spirit and higher power. I loved having so many useful tools at my disposal and felt loved and protected by the group."

This program is NOT for you IF:

21 video lessons, each covering a specific topic and process to focus on for that week.

3 monthly live calls offering group coaching, energy work and connection with others in the program to provide support and assist in your transformation.

Weekly rituals, worksheets and activities to integrate the material, lessons and processes into your daily life 

5 guided meditations to assist you in quieting your mind, learning how to "be" without having to "do" and cultivate inner peace

Weekly journal prompts corresponding to each week's training.

A private Facebook group for you to connect with the other sisters in the program and receive weekly motivation and support. 

Here's what you'll get inside H.E.R. exclusive community

Plus These Bonuses!

These are audio recordings you can listen to any time you're struggling with self-worth, your inner critic, body attachment, food cravings, self-anger and more. 

Ten Tapping Scripts

+ One 60-minute Reiki session
+ One 60-minute Emotion Code session.

These one-hour sessions will be personalized to you by members of my incredible team, giving you specialized attention on whatever you are needing most to focus on.

Two 1:1 Energy Work Sessions

1. Naturopathic doctor
2. Registered dietitian

These exclusive interviews will dive into factors to consider to heal your physical body while working on healing the mental and emotional issues affecting your health habits, mindset and enhancing total wellbeing. They will also give you clarity on what, when and how much you should be eating to regulate your blood sugar, properly nourish your body and feel your best!

Two Expert Interview Trainings

$299 Value

$650 Value

$499 Value

HER program participant

"I've felt so empowered throughout these weeks. All of the tools and knowledge you've shared have made such an impact already. One of the best decisions I've made for myself BY FAR.

HER program participant

"I feel liberated and no longer wake up in the prison I put myself in for being overweight. Instead, I am now able to accept where my body is at this moment and lovingly embrace the process."

Her program participant

"I am so much more mindful of my eating. I am NOT on autopilot anymore. I have been able to successfully change my prior thinking of food as 'good' or 'bad.' Now it is all about how this food will make me feel."

Or receive 10% off if you pay-in-full. 

You are WORTH THE INVESTMENT sister! There is no price tag that can be put on your health, happiness and freedom. 


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Ready to Commit to Your Growth & Freedom?