Raising an Empowered Eater

A conscious parenting course designed to empower parents with the information and tools to empower their children to learn how to build self awareness, body awareness and emotional awareness, that way they aren't vulnerable to develop disordered eating tendencies or struggle with food and weight issues over the course of their lives. 

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This Course is for you if...

You're a parent who has personally struggled with food, eating & your body, and you want to break these patterns for your kiddos. 

You want to prevent your child from experiencing food, eating & body issues and equip them with the ability and tools to honor their physical and emotional needs in loving and healthy ways. 

Here's what you get inside Raising an Empowered Eater

Audio Lessons

What's Included

Parent Course Workbook

Child Activity Book

Guided Activities

20 audio lessons that you can listen to inside Thinkific or that you can download and save to listen on your phone. 

A 70 page PDF workbook that includes notes and reflection questions that correspond to each audio lesson to help you dive deeper into the content.

This gets to be an interactive experience for your kids too, with meditations, instructional videos & fun worksheet activities they can do to learn with you.

Including meditations, mindful eating exercises and tapping processes, that are meant for you to complete for experiential learning.

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Empowered Momma

"This course is packed full of amazing and applicable tools for parents. Not only does it give you the necessary systems to help your children, it also helps you identify roadblocks for your own emotional well being. This course will give you the insight you've been looking for."

Group program participant

"Last night I got upset emotionally, and instead of turning to food for comfort I sat in darkness by myself and breathed deeply and tapped to get to the root of my sadness until the urges disappeared and I was calm again. I never would have gotten here without you all and your support. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

Group program participant

"Being someone who has a lot of anxiety, I generally notice a feeling of calm and peace that comes over me in using these techniques." 

These energy hygiene skills can be a huge asset to helping your child navigate an already chaotic world without carrying the weight of other's emotions and energies (as kids are vulnerable to do, as they tend to be empathic).

Support your child in developing body appreciation and neutrality. Learn how to teach them to cultivate inner confidence and self-validation, rather than external validation, and how to establish and uphold firm body boundaries to protect themselves from unwanted experiences.

Help your child discern between physical and emotional hunger, and how to respond appropriately to each according to what their body and being truly need. These important guidelines support you in avoiding unintentionally setting your child up to become emotionally attached to food.

Learn and use these 8 emotional processing strategies, which are some of the best ways to teach your child to name and process their emotions, regulate their nervous system, and activate a relaxation response in their body and mind so they can access a state of calm. These are great processes for you to learn to achieve the same for yourself.

Module 3:
Emotional Processing Strategies

To prevent your child from reaching for food to soothe their emotions, learn how to effectively coach them through feeling and freeing their emotions. It's essential to learn how to validate your child's emotional experience so they feel safe to share, rather than stuff it down. 

You model eating patterns, food beliefs & emotional processing to your child. It's important that you understand your own patterns, so you can take empowered action to change your tendencies that aren't aligned with how you want to think, feel and behave with regards to food, eating and your body.

Module 1:
It Starts With You

Here's What You'll Learn Inside

Module 4:
Empowered Eating Guidelines

Module 5:
Body Image Empowerment

Bonus Module:
Energy Shielding Practices

Module 2:
Becoming an Emotion Coach

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Empowered Momma

"This program is amazing. What I've listened to has been so valuable. The way you communicate is very educational. I'm super loving it!" 

Group Program Participant

"I really looked forward to seeing Sarah and the class she puts together, and receiving the materials...there's just so much she offers within the program. I was blown away!"

Group PROGRAm participant

"It has been invigorating and inspiring to reconnect with myself, my spirit and higher power. I loved having so many useful tools at my disposal and felt loved and protected by the group."

This course takes a behavioral approach to teaching you the information, processes and practices that can help your child learn self-awareness, body awareness and emotional awareness. The intention is you'll finish this course knowing how to support your child in...

What this course IS...

making empowered eating choices that are right and best for their unique bodies

feeling enough and worthy as they are, beyond their bodies

knowing how to process their big emotions effectively without turning to food

feeling safe to be seen, heard, and quite frankly—exist.

Please note, what this course is NOT:

An investment for both you AND your child to cultivate an empowered relationship with food, eating and your bodies.


One-Time investment of

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