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Ready for a soul-nourishing experience?
Join me in person!

For an entire weekend dedicated to your Healing, Expansion & Radiance.

This experience is for anyone who wants to strengthen their relationship with food, their body and themselves!  This retreat is about...

+ Releasing any limited, negative beliefs, stuck emotional wounds, and self-criticism that keeps you stuck in self-loathing and/or body dissatisfaction.
+ Stepping into your next level of self-acceptance, self-confidence and radiance as the powerful, beautiful woman you are!
+ Practicing cultivating a more mindful, loving and enjoyable relationship with food through intention and empowered eating experiences.

For Healing, Expansion & Radiance

The Phoenix Experience

sample of WHAT's included

+Room in home
+Plant-based meals
+Mindful eating
+Tapping circles
+Sound bath

+Beach hikes
+Cooking class
+Soul retrieval
And more!

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Prices vary: Typically $800-2,500

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Emotional Freedom Technique AKA "Tapping"
EFT seeks to address imbalances within a person's energy system, as well as the energetic influence of thoughts, beliefs and emotions on the body.

The Emotion Code
This energy healing technique accesses the body's innate wisdom to uncover and release trapped emotional energies that contribute to mental, emotional and physical issues.

Reiki uses guided life force energy to help reduce stress, promote peace and balance the body's energy system. 

This is for you if you're looking for 1-on-1 support to address the root factors underlying your food and eating issues. The work we do will be customized to you, depending on what issues are presenting themselves. It is a collaborative process. After the initial consult, if I determine you're a good fit for my process and approach, then we will create a comprehensive roadmap for our work together. 

Areas commonly explored  in 1:1 work include: 
+ Emotional attachment to food
+ Subconscious eating, body and self-image programming
+ Processing of emotional wounds (physical, sexual, emotional)
+ Cognitive restructuring 
+ Inner child & re-parenting process
+ Removing the energetic heart wall
+ Clearing trapped, inherited & absorbed emotional energies

$3,700 / 6 months/ 18 calls (1 hr)


Energy Modalities available:

1:1 Monthly Coaching & Energy Work

"What you offer is unlike anything else that I've ever experienced."

What you offer is unlike anything else that I've ever experienced. It's so valuable. What you've provided each of us is forever going to change the path of our lives. You've catapulted us into a new dimension. It's worth... it's priceless. 

Phoenix Experience Attendee

"You were guiding us back into the truth within ourselves."

Through this entire process, you never made us feel like it was anything outside of ourselves or anything that you were doing. Instead, you were guiding us back into the truth within ourselves.

Phoenix Experience Attendee

"You bring out the gold in us."

You bring out the gold in us. You take that rusty rock and make it shiny again. That beautiful gemstone was there all along, and you make it sparkle. You show us who we truly are. 

Phoenix Experience Attendee

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Disclaimer: While Sarah Speers is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (LMFT) in the state of California, the programs and her services as an Alternative Healing Arts Practitioner offering energy work and holistic health coaching are separate from and not part of her LMFT psychotherapy practice. Therefore, it is not to be construed that the services of Sarah Speers and/or the programs offered on this website are the practice of psychology, psychotherapy, medicine or any other licensed health care practice. Sarah Speers services as an Alternative Healing Arts Practitioner are not licensed by the state of California. However, under Sections 2053.5 and 2053.6 of California's Business and Professions Code, Sarah Speers can offer you her services as an Alternative Healing Arts Practitioner, subject to the requirements and restrictions that are described fully therein.