Tapping for Emotional Wellness

Empower yourself to process your emotions effectively with one simple tool you can utilize anytime and anywhere. Don't let your emotions become stuck energy in your body, causing you to experience symptoms such as anger, anxiety, stress, depression, cravings, and more.

With this tapping bundle, get an overview of Emotional Freedom Technique (aka Tapping) and how to practice it to release any unpleasant emotion in a healthy and efficient way.

This bundle is designed for beginners to tapping!

Tapping Bundle


Tapping Training Video

What's Included

Tapping Guide PDF

Written tapping scripts

Guided Tapping Audios

This 20 minute video training provides an overview of EFT, explains the benefits and how to perform the basic tapping process, as well as what to expect. 

Giving an overview of the EFT, from the tapping process to the many benefits to common FAQs.

5 scripts to help you tackle
+ Stress & Anxiety
+ Shame & Guilt
+ Sadness & Grief
+ Anger & Frustration
+ Fear & Worry

The same 5 scripts in audio form for when you want to listen and tap along. Simple repeat the words and follow the tapping sequence as instructed audibly.