The Time I Broke Down on Stage

I broke down on stage the first time I told my story of my struggle recovering from Bulimia.

I was in front of hundreds of women. I sat down and felt so embarrassed. The voice in my head was loudly criticizing myself for not keeping it together.

I wanted to run and hide.

And then a woman approached me. “I had Bulimia for years,” she said. “Thank you for sharing your story. It’s so important.”

A little while later another woman approached me, echoing the same. “It took me 4 years of deep healing work, but I got better just like you. Keep doing what you’re doing!”

Then another woman approached me. And another … Each echoing the words of “me too” and “thank you” and “it’s so needed.”

The more I share my story the more other women are stepping forward to share their stories with me.

That’s why I’m creating a community of heroic women to come together to support one another in achieving a healthy relationship with food, eating and our bodies.

I’m realizing more and more how prevalent food and eating issues are. It doesn’t seem like it because most of us learn so quickly to hide it or keep it a secret. There’s so much shame attached to the struggle; so much judgment for not being perfect.

On that stage, as I spoke my truth and shared my story, I released the shame I had been carrying around, and I gave other women the permission to do the same.

I am giving you that same permission to let go of your shame and speak the truth.

It takes courage to step forward and say “me too,” and even more courage to put a stake in the ground for yourself and say “no more.” No matter what your current struggle is with food, eating and your body, know that you are not alone.

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Listen to Sarah on these podcasts:

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