What You Need to Know About the Subconscious Mind and Repressed Emotions

How both can show up in the present and affect the ways you think, feel and behave. Do you ever experience anxiety that seems to be there without an apparent reason? I had a client who was experiencing anxiety all week, but could not tell me the cause or source of the anxiety. The consequence […]

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Your Weight is NOT Your Worth

For years, my self-acceptance was dictated by the number on the scale. If I had gained even a little weight, it would send me into a spiral of panic. I feared that I was going to keep gaining weight and not be able to stop. So I’d tell myself that I had to restrict my […]

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Are you using food to punish yourself?

I recently sat down with a new client.  Midway through our conversation, she disclosed a secret—one she had never told a therapist before. This secret was something she had been carrying around as emotional weight for over 30 years. It wasn’t just the secret itself she had been holding on to; it was the shame and […]

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